3 Ways to Get More Out of a Training Class

There’s really only one I’m going to cover here because it’s the key to everything else: maintain a good mindset. Here are three ways to help you do that.


My friend Kathy Jackson put it best: ”You come to class to learn something new, not to show off what you already know. If you don’t already know everything – okay, maybe not anything – that’s going to be covered in the class, that’s a good thing. It means you’re in the right place.”

There are lots of specific ways to allow yourself to learn, but that’s the chewy center. You’re there to learn stuff from the instructor. Do that.

Take Care of Your Brain & Body

There’s enough to learn without having to struggle through avoidable issues that make it harder and less safe. Sleep deprivation, dehydration, low blood sugar, physical exhaustion, pain, and drugs & alcohol make your brain suck at its job. Since you need both your brain and your body to be working in class, do the things that help them and avoid the things that make them worse. Keep yourself as rested as you can, both by getting enough sleep and by conserving energy in down time. Stay hydrated and fed. Wear shoes and clothing that won’t chew your body up. Come prepared to deal with the weather, including avoiding sunburn. Obviously, be sober—that means not being hung over, either.

Arrive Early & Prepared

You can avoid a lot of unnecessary stress by getting there early and ready to go. Ready to go means having your equipment in order, any paperwork you got in advance done and ready to turn in, food and beverages to get you through the day, any batteries you need charged, note-taking materials ready, etc. Be ready to start participating in class without having to run around to take care of random stuff first (except going to the bathroom).

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