Buying Your First Gun

Choosing your first gun can be overwhelming. We can help. This consultation is tailored to your exact needs and is designed to give you enough knowledge and comparative experience to make the best purchasing decision for your intended purpose and budget.

First we’ll go over the rules of firearm safety. Then we’ll do an introduction to the general type of gun you’re interested in: action types, cycle of operation, ammunition, caliber, loading and unloading, safety features, fundamentals of marksmanship, etc.

We’ll listen to your needs, help narrow down the options to a manageable list, explain the pros and cons of each, then go on a range trip where you can shoot and compare as many of your potentials as possible, helping you notice and evaluate the differences between them.

You’ll also learn how to clean your gun and which accessories to consider to best suit your needs.

If you’re purchasing a handgun in California, you’ll need a Handgun Safety Certificate. As California Department of Justice-approved instructors, we can prepare you for and administer the test, and if successful, issue your certificate on the spot.

Since needs vary depending on your specific level of firearm knowledge and shooting experience, this consultation is billed by the hour.

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