Earthquake Preparedness & Bug-Out Bag Workshop

Here in the San Francisco Bay area of California, earthquakes are a fact of life. In the event of [another] major one, many of the things we’ve come to rely on like electricity, cash machines, cell phone service, easy access to grocery stores, and running water will likely stop working, and law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services, and search and rescue will likely be completely overwhelmed. In short, we can expect to be on our own for these things, and we’ll need to either try to get out of town or hunker down until services and safety are restored. If you’re at work or out and about when it happens, getting home may be harder than usual. All three present their own challenges and require different sets of skills, preparations, and supplies. We need only to look at the aftermath of hurricanes Sandy and Katrina to illustrate the practical necessity of being prepared.

In this class you’ll learn what types of things you’ll need for getting home, staying in, getting out of town and cover the basics of food, water, shelter, energy, and defense, and how to adapt them to your particular needs and situation, including special considerations for children and pets.

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