What about safety?

Safety is our absolute first priority. All classes begin with a safety and emergency response plan briefing so everyone knows the rules before any weapon handling takes place. We take your safety extremely seriously and act accordingly: depending on the violation, breaking the safety rules will result in either an observation-only “time out” or immediate dismissal from the class without a refund, neither of which are subject to discussion or negotiation. NRA courses are run in complete accordance with NRA standards.

Do you train people with physical disabilities?

Of course! We believe it’s particularly important since disabled folks are more likely to be the victims of violence—about twice the national average. Please get in touch with what you’re interested in learning and what your disabilities are we’ll work together to adapt the classes to your needs.

Do you sell guns?

We don’t hold the required Federal Firearms License, but many ranges and class locations have guns available for rental and use on the premises.