Guns & Tactics for Creative Professionals

Movie posters depicting dangerous gun handling
All of these posters depict unsafe gun handling that could get someone killed in real life

Movies and television are many people’s first and only exposures to firearms and defensive tactics. This means that those in entertainment and media—the actors, writers, directors, fight choreographers, stunt people, art directors, photographers—are setting the only examples for gun handling that many will have. The choice in front of us is whether the examples that people may mimic in real life are safe and responsible or dangerous and stupid.

The flips side of that is fidelity to your characters and your subjects—bad gun handling looks about as realistic as a cowboy movie where everyone rides their horses facing backwards while wearing flip-flops, and it sticks out like a sore thumb to the estimated 80,000,000 gun owners in the country.

You’ll learn about gun safety, operation, handling, ammunition, marksmanship fundamentals, and tactical considerations. We’ll analyze common depictions for the unnecessary, the reckless, and the just plain silly. You’ll learn why a lot of what’s on film and TV is dangerous—and how you can do better for both your craft and your audience.

Available as classroom-only or classroom plus live fire.

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