Guns 101 for Journalists & Politicians

This is an introduction to gun safety and function to enable elected officials to make better-informed decisions and journalists to report more accurately about firearm-related issues.

Once we’ve laid a solid foundation of gun safety, we’ll look at things like what semi-automatic really means, what assault rifles really are, ammunition (including hollow-point and “cop-killer” bullets), what the “evil features” on “assault weapons” do, clips vs. magazines & magazine capacity, body armor, sniper rifles, silencers, a demo of the effects of “safe storage” laws, waiting periods, the mundane realities of scary-sounding models like Uzis, MAC-10s, and AK-47s, and examples of what can constitute deadly force.

Provided free of charge for elected officials and credentialed journalists.

This is a classroom-only session that may be combined with your choice of introductory live-fire pistol, rifle, or shotgun course.

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